When AI Becomes Funny

Here at Quertle, we obviously believe in the value of Artificial Intelligence. We see it as transformative technology for moving literature searching to insight discovery. Yes, AI will be pervasive in our future. Along the way, well, we might have some glitches that cause us to chuckle. We ran across one such case today. And, since it is related to search technology, we wanted to share.

Google uses AI to help provide useful answers. Indeed, this is generally quite helpful, as you’d expect from an AI leader. But, check out the following Google search:

Google search

With the search like “Arctic animal list”, Google’s AI recognizes the searcher is looking for a list. So, they present a lovely list, with helpful pictures. Can you spot the flaw?

That’s right, the penguin (in this case, a chinstrap) does not belong. But, because many people associate penguins with the polar climate and mention such critters on their web pages about the Arctic, Google’s AI appears to have learned an incorrect fact. This is one reason our Qinsight™ application uses authoritative documents.

For some more fun AI failures, do a Google search for “AI failures”. You will get good results.

The funny thumbnail image used for this blog is from Chris Nystrom and is covered by a Creative Commons license.

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