Tomatoes and Literature Discovery

Henderson, Nevada (25 December 2017) — So different from our time in the Northeast, we set out our tomato plants in February and started enjoying their bounty early May. By mid-July, the plants (and we) were shocked by the high temperatures and slowed production (just the tomatoes). Then, with the return of cooler temperatures in September, there was new growth, new flowers, and – by November – new fruits. But, with the potential for our first dip below freezing, we went out this morning to pick the rest of the tomatoes from our garden, many still green.

You may be wondering about this odd (by some experiences) tomato plant life cycle. But, the weather is certainly different here from many places and the plants behave differently accordingly. With the arrival of cold weather, the leaves on our deciduous trees have been falling. And, we have had 103 days straight without precipitation, with none forecast in the foreseeable future.

And, in a segue that we hope will make sense in a moment, this brings us to literature discovery. Just as not every geographic location is the same for plant life, every website for literature searching is not the same. If you are tired of the frustrations from long lists of results that are difficult to explore, give your literature search an internet geographical change. Qinsight uses artificial intelligence to find the relevant articles right away, to automatically discover relevant concepts for intuitive exploration, and predictive visual analytics – all combining to give you unprecedented discovery and insight. And, this is all available year-round.

Seasons greetings from Quertle

January 11, 2018 Update: Just to complete the weather part of the above story, Las Vegas ended up with 116 days without precipitation! The end of the dry streak was brought, by our standards, a severe storm that dumped 1.33 inches in one day. To put that amount into perspective, Las Vegas had only 2.38 inches of rain in all of 2017! So, getting half of that in one day was a pretty big deal.

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