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The First Artificial Intelligence Visual Analytics Platform

for the biomedical and life science literature

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Rigorous AI discovery powers interactive visual analytics that have true value.

BioAI™ Platform (Biomedical-specific Artificial Intelligence)

BioAI is Bio-specific!

You wouldn’t use your car to deliver elephants; you wouldn’t use your tractor to drive cross-country on your vacation; and you shouldn’t use generic Artificial Intelligence to solve problems in the biomedical/biological space.

Critical Content Supports Strategic Decisions

Integrated discovery across multiple key sources ensures accurate insight. For example, 80% of all technical information is published only in patents, and NIH funding applications provide insight into what is being worked on before journal articles are published.

Visual Analytics

Long lists of documents are impossible to assimilate. Visual Analytics provide a critical means for exploring content and for discovering otherwise hidden nuggets of information. Think of this as a “haystack viewer”, where with one click you can show the needles.

Actionable Knowledge

Automatic concept and relationship discovery uncovers documents and connections that cannot be discovered anywhere else.

BioAI™ Platform

The BioAI Difference

Artificial IntelligenceExceptional discovery from neural networks, factor analysis, and more.

IntegrationConnect with your existing workflows through data and visualization exports or through our API.

High-performanceMost results are returned in well under a second.

UnderstandingAbility to move beyond lists.

Interactive Visual AnalyticsInsight and intuitive exploration.

Answer QuestionsPower Term® queries answer questions.