Predictive Analytics: Be a Fortune Teller

I had the great pleasure of giving a talk at the Special Libraries Association (SLA) 2017 meeting in Phoenix on June 18. Magan Stephens from Gilead organized a session for the Pharmaceutical and Health Technologies Division entitled, you guessed it, “Predictive Analytics: Be a Fortune Teller”.  Ricardo Valerdi (University of Arizona) opened the session with a great talk about analytics in baseball. Even though baseball may be “out in left field” from pharmaceuticals, this was a valuable presentation since it introduced key notions for predictive analytics in a context that was easy to grasp. And, we all got baseball cards!

I gave the second (and final) talk for the session, translating the baseball statistics lessons into a biomedical context. Following is a short (5 minute) movie of my slides, with my comments added in light yellow note boxes. Enjoy.

– Jeff

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