Eggs and Literature Discovery

OK, we admit it. Over the Holiday season we have been eating too much and it has led to a second food-themed blog. This time, the literature discovery lesson comes from eggs.

Once maligned for having cholesterol, eggs are pretty much on every diet’s good list. And, there are many uses for these nutritious ovals hard-boiled. [We are sure you know that “oval” got its name from eggs.] But, sometimes, the shell is difficult to remove, pieces of the egg rip off, and peeling is generally annoying.

There are lots of web sites with tips to peel eggs; no method consistently worked for us. And, when we need to hard-boil some eggs, it always seems we are in a rush. So, we just do the same old approach and lament the pains.

Finally, we decided the frustrations warranted the effort to solve this peeling issue. Being experimentalists, we carried out several tests. To make a long story short, there is no trick to the peeling process, the secret is all in the boiling.

We have long cold shocked the eggs after boiling by pouring off the hot water and filling the pot with cold water and ice. This is indeed important, but the key step we learned is a heat shock when you start (for the molecular biologists, no HSP90 is needed here). Instead of putting the eggs in a pot and starting with cold water, get the water close to boiling (those first small bubbles) and then, using a slotted spoon, gently lower the eggs into the hot water. This heat shock causes the shell membranes (named the inner and outer membranes, even though they are both inside the shell) to separate from the albumin (the white part).  Bring the water to a full boil, turn the heat down, and leave the eggs in a gentle boil for 11 minutes. Follow with the cold shock.  Now, your eggs will peel perfectly no matter how you tackle that task.

The point of this experience is that all of us are often frustrated by tools and approaches we use. But, we just want to get it done and don’t take the time to consider alternatives.  Are you frustrated by long lists of search results that take too much of your time to understand? Are you not finding what you need? Pause, do a free trial with Qinsight™ and see how easy it is to “peel” the literature to find what you need. Just drop us a note to get your free trial started.

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