Quertle: Honored as a Top 50 AI Blog

Feedspot named Quertle’s blog – yes, the very site you are reading now – as one of the top 50 blogs for artificial intelligence (AI). You may note the lovely badge we now proudly display on the right!

Why is Quertle on this respected list? To our knowledge, we are the only ones who have developed bio-specific AI methods. There are lots of AI companies now, and there are many who are trying to apply their methods to health and life science applications. Unfortunately, It is much like saying you have a hammer (even if it is AI-driven). You can go around banging on everything like it is a nail, but the true value of health and life science information requires an in-depth understanding of the field.

Quertle has that industry expertise. Our principals have been doing biomedical and life science big data since before “big data” got its moniker. We spent decades doing research in the field and have been dealing with problems unique to biology and medicine for many, many years.

As a result of our industry expertise, our blog reflects some of those bio-specific AI needs. The readers of our blog are clearly interested in that AI application area and contribute to our niche AI blog (and our applications) being so valuable. We appreciate your interest!

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