How to Spot Real Artificial Intelligence

The Atlantic published an article titled ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Has Become Meaningless. They are not saying AI is actually meaningless, but rather touting a software solution as being AI in so many cases does not actually mean the application uses real AI. As they put it, “…in most cases, the systems making claims to artificial intelligence…[are] just [...]

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Adapting Artificial Intelligence for Biomedical Text

We are pleased to announce that our own Dr. Jeffrey Saffer has a guest article on Datafloq, a Big Data resource for everyone in the field. Check it out. […]

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Cluster Analysis – Is it Really Useful for Literature Discovery?

Cluster analysis – grouping similar objects together – is frequently used in data analysis and visualization. I’ve been seeing various types of clustering used for finding relevant documents more and more, both for visualizing document sets (essentially providing a landscape for the user to explore) and for finding related documents (essentially “more like this”). But, these [...]

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Watson Cancelled at MD Anderson: No Surprise

The flap about IBM Watson’s Oncology Expert Advisor at MD Anderson is causing quite a stir.  A Forbes article called the benching of Watson a “setback for artificial intelligence in medicine”.  MD Anderson’s business process issues aside, the failure of Watson to meet its goals was neither a setback for AI nor a surprise.  Here’s why. [...]

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Searching and Knowledge Don’t Always MeSH

The National Library of Medicine has provided Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) for more than 60 years, with the first official list being published in 1954 ( This has been an invaluable resource and a critical part of search strategies since computerization of literature began. But, as we discuss in a new whitepaper, new technologies such as [...]

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