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30% of R&D budgets are wasted due to missed information

According to statistics compiled by the European Patent Office, researchers spend up to 30% of their R&D budget rediscovering information that was already known. Sound familiar?

Why do company and university researchers continue to make this costly mistake? There are two major contributors: Ineffective Searching – Despite using multiple search engines, including some that are quite expensive, critical information is missed. The goal of traditional search engines is to find everything that might possibly be relevant (and not always even doing that well) and leave it to you to find what you need. So, you continue to refine the query, with some queries even being pages long, to get a manageable (i.e., comprehensible) number of results. That very process often results in key documents being excluded, leaving you with a false impression of the state of knowledge. Even the use of Natural Language Processing and other supposedly “advanced” methods have done little to stem the tide of wasted R&D budgets.
Failure to Search the Necessary Content – Most people search only journal articles when looking for prior knowledge, with patent searching only being done when you’ve already spent a lot and think you have a new invention. But, 80% of the world’s published technical knowledge can be found ONLY in patents.

Quertle Can Reduce those Losses

Quertle searches like no other life science/biomedical search engine. Quertle employs unique artificial intelligence-based search algorithms to find relevant documents, right. This unique approach helps minimize the risk of missing key information and allows users to formulate queries that are simply not possible with other search engines. Quertle won a US National Library of Medicine Innovation Award

Quertle not only covers journal articles and patent grants and applications, but additional sources such as NIH grant applications and more, to provide important insights into the state of knowledge. And, with more than 10 million of those documents being full-text, Quertle enables high value discovery.

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