Adapting Artificial Intelligence for Biomedical Text

We are pleased to announce that our own Dr. Jeffrey Saffer has a guest article on Datafloq, a Big Data resource for everyone in the field. Check it out. […]

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Cluster Analysis – Is it Really Useful for Literature Discovery?

Cluster analysis – grouping similar objects together – is frequently used in data analysis and visualization. I’ve been seeing various types of clustering used for finding relevant documents more and more, both for visualizing document sets (essentially providing a landscape for the user to explore) and for finding related documents (essentially “more like this”). But, these [...]

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Quertle: Honored as a Top 50 AI Blog

Feedspot named Quertle’s blog – yes, the very site you are reading now – as one of the top 50 blogs for artificial intelligence (AI). You may note the lovely badge we now proudly display on the right! […]

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Watson Cancelled at MD Anderson: No Surprise

The flap about IBM Watson’s Oncology Expert Advisor at MD Anderson is causing quite a stir.  A Forbes article called the benching of Watson a “setback for artificial intelligence in medicine”.  MD Anderson’s business process issues aside, the failure of Watson to meet its goals was neither a setback for AI nor a surprise.  Here’s why. [...]

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Quertle Named to Pharma Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers for 2017

HENDERSON, NV— Quertle, a Biomedical Big Data leader, has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Analytics Solution Providers by Pharma Tech Outlook Magazine. “We take pride in honoring Quertle as one among the 10 companies that are specialized in providing Analytics solutions,” said Stacey Smith, Managing Editor of Pharma Tech [...]

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