Qinsight – The Tool for Creating Actionable Insight

Janet Delicata: Thank you for being here. Today I’d like to talk about your new product Qinsight™. According to the literature, Qinsight™ is the complete package. It’s the bio-specific artificial intelligence product that offers discovery for ALL of Quertle’s content options including patents. That’s more than 40 million documents including more than 10 million full-text documents. It [...]

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Quertle releases Qinsight – a biomedical literature discovery product built on its BioAI artificial intelligence platform

HENDERSON, Nev. – Henderson, Nevada-based Quertle LLC, developer of the first artificial intelligence (AI) biomedical big data platform (BioAI™), has released Qinsight™. The product uses BioAI’s neural networks and other AI methods, along with predictive visual analytics, to enable high-efficiency discovery and insight from biomedical literature. […]

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Interview – Artificial Intelligence Made Bio-specific

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a series of interviews with Drs. Jeff Saffer and Vicki Burnett, founders of Quertle LLC. Janet Delicata:  Jeff and Vicki. Congratulations on the new release.  This is huge.  It has been reported that the foundation of this release is Artificial Intelligence Technology.  Hence your trademarked term BioAI™.  Why is [...]

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Quertle releases BioAI – the first biomedical big data and artificial intelligence platform for drug discovery

HENDERSON, Nev. – Quertle LLC, has developed the first artificial intelligence and visual analytics big data (BioAI™) platform for biomedical drug discovery. This platform combines machine learning, neural networks, and other AI methods to improve discovery and insight. […]

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