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Join the evolution and leave your old search engine behind: explore biomedical knowledge with Quertle!
– Oliver Renn, Ph.D., ETH Zurich, Head Chemistry | Biology | Pharmacy Information Center

The Biomedical Artificial Intelligence Platform

Artificial Intelligence, including neural networks and other modern technologies, enables a new generation of discovery.

Finding critical documents and gaining insight from the literature is essential for strategic decisions. Only AI provides the rigor needed.

Creating a biomedical-specific Artificial Intelligence (BioAI) Platform

Biomedical content presents unique challenges that simply cannot be met using generic approaches.  Not only do medical and biological professionals write differently, the prevalence of genetic (think personalized medicine) and chemical (think drug development) information introduces serious complexity.

We have spent years working on this problem, taking advantage of our team’s broad biomedical/biological experience.  Plus, our systems have learned from real-life use by bioprofessionals around the globe – resulting in an unmatched set of methods with unique capabilities.

Visual Analytics Provide Unmatched Insight

Concept Cloud

Concept Summarization

Assimilate this: A picture is worth a thousand words – especially when the text is a long list of documents. Concepts specifically relevant to you (not just those mentioned somewhere in the documents) are easily understandable with the interactive Quertle® Concept Cloud.

Concept Trends

Concept Trends

Size doesn’t always matter: BioAI can predict a concept as an emerging or waning trend.  Finding what’s coming is easy with the interactive Quertle® Concept Trends visualization.


Concept Connections

Move beyond the one: Single concepts rarely tell the important part of the story. It is the relationships among concepts that provides the greatest insights. The interactive Quertle® Connections visualization provides insights not available anywhere else.

Biomedical Literature Tsunami

(Why AI is Needed)

Current solutions are broken, with too much data & too much noise. NLP, semantic, and even standard AI technology is not providing the insight needed for the rapidly growing flood of new documents each year.

Biomedical Professionals
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Dollars Wasted Every Year

Recognized Value

U.S. National Library of Medicine

The US National Library of Medicine, the world’s largest biomedical library and reknowned center for information advancement, honored Quertle for its innovative technology.

Pharma Analytics Top 10

Quertle named a Top 10 Pharma Analytics Provider for 2017 for “the most powerful Artificial Intelligence-based discovery solution”.

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